Examination Policy

(a) A student will be evaluated in such course on the basis of sessional tests, class assignments, quizzes, projects, case studies and semester examination, of which 20% marks will be observed for sessional test and class assignments while 80% marks for the Semester examination.
(b) The Semester examination of minimum of 3.5 hours duration for each course will be conducted at the end of each semester/term on the dates to be fixed by the Controller of Examinations.
(c) A student will be eligible to appear in the Semester/semester examination provided that:

  • He/she has been on the role of the Department during that Semester.
  • Has registered himself/herself with the University and has cleared all the University dues.
  • Has attended not less than 75% of the lectures/seminars delivered to his/her class in each course and 75% of the lab, experiments/ laboratory demonstrations prescribed for the respective courses. The Head of the Department/Institution concerned may, on the recommendations of the teacher of the course concerned, condone the deficiency in attendance up to 05% of the total lectures, seminars, lab, experiments and laboratory demonstrations. The students failing short of required percentage of attendance of lectures/seminars/lab experiments/laboratory demonstrations etc. will not be allowed to appear in the Semester examination of the concerned course and will be treated as having failed in that course.

  • iv. Each teacher will maintain a date-wise record of the attendance of students.
Grades, Promotion and Merit

i. The minimum passing marks for each course will be 45%. Candidates obtaining less than 45% marks in any courses will be deemed to have failed in that course, less than 45% marks secured by a student in any course will not be counted towards the aggregate marks.

ii. If a student fails to appear in the Semester examination in a course on medical or any other reason, he/she will be treated as absent and failed; and will not be promoted to the next Semesters. However, if he appears in the examination and fails then he/she will be eligible for promotion to the next Semesters.

iii. On successful completion of the requirements of a degree, each candidate will be awarded the degree for which he/she was enrolled in the University. A separate transcript will also be issued to each candidate showing grades obtained in each course along with percentage and division.

Mode of Examination
i. There will be Semester/Term Examination System. Exam will be taken at the end of each term.
ii. For M.S/ M.Phil students, the system of Examination will be Semester System.
iii. Evaluation will be made on the basis of internal/external assessment or both Mid &Semesterexams in semester at the ratio of 20:80 for Bachelor and Master Classes in the term system respectively.
Eligibility Criteria
No candidate is eligible to appear in the exam unless: i. He/she is registered with the University for his/her respective courses of study.
ii. He/she has paid all fees/dues.
iii. He/she has maintained at least 75% attendance in both theory and practical classes.
Qualifying and Promotion Criteria
i. For passing each Semester/semester exam, a candidate must obtain 45% in each theory paper and practical and 50% in aggregate.
ii. For promotion to next Semesters, a candidate shall appear/pass at least in the examination.
iii. A candidate, who fails in aggregate in the Semester exam, will be given two consecutive chances to reappear in one or more papers of his choice for passing in aggregate and if fails, he/she will have to reappear in the exam as a whole.
Award of Degrees
A candidate will not be awarded a degree unless: i. He/she has passed all the prescribed exams with required percentage and fulfils all other requirements.
ii. He/she has successfully completed his/her internships with requisite standards.
i. Semester System
The Controller o Examinations will issue a Certificate of Merit to a student who stands first in the programme on the basis of the overall result provided that the student has obtained at least 85% marks (4 GPA) or more in aggregate, and has not failed in or repeated any course and has completed the course work in the minimum required semesters. The recipient for the award of ‘Certificate of Merit’ will also be awarded the Gold Medal.
ii. Criteria for Semester and Annual System Students
The following criteria for the award of Gold Medal and Merit Certificate (2-years Master/4-years Bachelor Programs) for the session started w.e.f September 2018 onwards is applicable.
(a) A Gold Medal will be awarded to a student who has passed all the prescribed examination in first attempt forwarded that he/she has the highest marks but not less than 70% of the aggregate marks.
(b) For M.A English 1st position with at least 1st division would be required to pass all the prescribed examinations in first attempt having the highest marks in the department.
(c) Merit Certificate will be awarded to the candidates (1st and 2nd position holders in the University in any discipline) who pass examination as a whole, having no compartments.
The Merit Certificates will be given only to those candidates who have no compartment in any term examination. For B.A/B.Sc. (2-years) program at affiliated Govt. Colleges, the following rules would be considered Gold Medal and Merit Certificates.
1. A candidate who passes his/her bachelor examination in the 1st attempt will be awarded a ‘Gold Medal’ when he/she secures the highest marks not less than 70% of the aggregate marks.
2. A ‘Gold Medal’ will be awarded for each i.e. Arts, Islamic Theology and Science groups.


Discipline of Students

The Vice Chancellor will be aided by the University Discipline is Committee enforcing and maintaining discipline among the students to ensure calm and peaceful learning environment. Members of the discipline committee will be appointed on such System and conditions as may be determined from time to time.

Acts of Indiscipline
Among others, the following will constitute an act of indiscipline:
i. Organizing or abetting to organize, participating or instigating or inciting to participate in walkouts, strikes or unauthorized procession
ii. Indulgence in political activities including the formation of union, federation, or organization on political, sectarian, tribal or ethnic basis;
iii. Carrying, using or threatening to use firearms and weapons;
iv. Involvement in any sort of quarrel, rowdiness or dispute;
v. Destroying or damaging or unauthorized use of the University moveable or immoveable property;
vi. Indulging in activities prejudicial or detrimental to the good order of the University;
vii. Actions derogatory to the prestige of the University or to the reputation of its faculty and staff members ;
viii. Actions defamatory of, or derogatory to Islam and Pakistan;
ix. Bringing unauthorized persons to the University premises;
x. Breach of any of the public morals;
xi. Defiance of authority ;
xii. All the cases relating to indiscipline will be decided by the discipline committee;