T he department of Biological sciences was established in 2018. The department offers BS Zoology (4 years) and M.Sc Zoology (2years).The university has establishment the department to provide advance knowledge and skills in the field of biological science to compete with developed countries..The department provides sufficient knowledge and skills making the students well informed especially in the field of Zoology.

To act as a leader of excellence and performance.

The Department is committed to the production of all-rounded international standard graduates of M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D level in areas of Biological Sciences including Zoology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology maintaining high level of integrity and responsibility at individual and departmental level;conducting quality research, producing well trained teachers, to participate in community development projects.

  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of Biological Science to students, which are required for professional activities in the field.
  • Graduates that to enable to manipulate and utilize their training correctly and grasp a realistic approach to the conservation of animals as well as their habitats.
  • To prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge of all aspects of wild and animal life.
  • To produce graduates with the skills to critically analyze samples of environmental and biological importance.
  • The graduate should be able to use the skills of analytical biological information in selecting and executing the appropriate biological analysis techniques in various fields of Biological Sciences.

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Name Designation Qualification Pic
Dr. Inayat Ullah Assistant Professor PhD (Zoology)


Name Designation Qualification Pic
Dr. Rafiq Hussain Assistant Professor PhD (Zoology)
Mahwish Gul Lecturer M.Phil (Zoology)
Mr. Fazal Rehman Lecturer M.Phil (Parasitology)

Course Outline

Sr.# Title Duration
01 BS ZOOLOGY 4 Years
01 M.Sc. ZOOLOGY 2 Years