The Department of Political Science was established in 2014.Department offers two programmes in (BS Political Science (4 years); and M.A Political Science (2 years). The political science is one of the major subjects in social sciences and it has direct connection with history, economic, geography, sociology, philosophy and law. The department provides sufficient knowledge and skills to the students through comprehensive coursesto make them well informed in the field of political science.

The vision of the Department of Political Science is to communicate the knowledge of political science as a scholarly discipline through education of undergraduate and graduate students in the core principles and specialties of political science, to develop new knowledge in the field through critical research and scholastic inquiry, and to apply the knowledge of political science to serve the needs of the country and beyond.

1. To educate the young students of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the discipline of Political Science. 2. To inculcate among them the sense of responsibility towards the state and society. 3. To impart necessary training to the young graduates to enter into the sphere of politics. 4. To enable them to lead nation in a befitting manner to face challenges of the time.

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Dr. Waseem Ullah Khan Lecturer PhD (Political Science)


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Mr. Sajad Rasul Lecturer M.Phil (Political Science)

Course Outline

Sr.# Title Duration
01 BS Political Science 4 Years
02 M.A Political Science 2 Years