The University of Lakki Marwat Students’ Societies are:

1. Arts, Painting and Culture Society (APCS)

Art is the language of the soul. It is the language of emotions and intellectual energy. It can be argued that no society can have strong intellectual foundations without a group of individuals promoting and propagating art. Or conversely, a society's intellectual prowess can be gauged by measuring its standard in all forms of arts. Keeping the aforementioned in mind, the ULM is establishing a representative society for promotion of arts and inculcating in its students a sense of aesthetics. This society will add colours to the campus life. It will create an entertaining and healthy diversion throughout the year by organizing, drama and skit competitions. The activities of the society will help in realizing artistic talents and will nourish and foster these in students.

2. Literary and Debating Society (LDS)

This society will organize debates, declamation contests and literary sessions. It will also arrange participation of the campus team in debates and declamation contests held by other universities. A special item on its agenda is the student-teacher discussion. These collective sessions will prove invaluable for self-assessment and a critical evaluation of the diverse aspects of the campus life, and will go a long way in promoting rapport between the students and the faculty. This society will also play its due role in seminar and workshops arrangements.

3. ULM Social Welfare Society (USWS)

This society will work for the needy people which include the DewaareZarurat(wall of needy people). Special area will be allotted for this purpose and people will keep their extra things and the needy people will collect those stuff. This society will also work for the collection of blood, donation of blood to the needy people.

4. Students Sports and Excursion Society (SSES)

This Society will provide students with an opportunity to strike a balance between academics and physical fitness. SSS will be one of the most dynamic societies and will regularly organize various indoor and outdoor events within the campus for both male and female students. This society will also organize all the students’ tour and related activities.