The Department of Education & Research was established in December 2014 under the umbrella of Lakki Campus UST Bannu. B.Ed and M.Ed programs were started instantly in 2015,the department also offersM.Phil (Education), M.A Education (2 years), B.Ed (4 years), B.Ed (1.5 years) and ADE (2 years) programmes in 2016.The department train student inskills and educate them in advanced knowledgeunder the supervision of qualified and experienced faculty members.

We move forward with a vision to bring about innovations in the teaching techniques being applied in our Education Institutions. We aspire to equip our graduates with such skills and knowledge that they, after entering into the main stream of education as teachers and instructors, prove to be an asset to the education system having the capacity to address and resolve all kinds of problems and issues being faced by them. We will further enhance our role as a leading university in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, with a focus on educational research, development and innovation. We will continue to raise our profile and impact locally, regionally and internationally through our high quality research and scholarship. We are committed to nurturing outstanding and caring educators and professionals who contribute constructively to sustainable social and economic development in Pakistan and beyond.

Committed to the Education-plus approach, our primary mission is to lead educational innovation through to promote and support the strategic development of teaching, teacher education and in disciplines complementary to education through preparing outstanding and morally responsible educators and professionals and supporting their lifelong learning. For achieving excellence in the field of Teacher Education, empowering teachers and developing their competencies in the areas of content, pedagogy and research in the field of Education. Similarly producing research-oriented scholars to meet immediate burning issues and problems in education system at national levels. Professional thinking and attitude in the graduates are to be prioritized so as that they are able to serve at their best, contributing positively towards the development of the society as a whole.

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Name Designation Qualification Pic
Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Assistant Professor PhD (Education)


Name Designation Qualification Pic
Mr. Mati Ullah Lecturer M.Phil (Education)
Designation: Chairman, Deptt. of Edu & Research
Designation: Lecturer
Designation: Lecturer
Designation: Assistant Professor
PhD (Education)

Course Outline

Sr.# Title Duration
01 M.Phil in Education 2 Years
02 M.A Education 2 Years
03 M.Ed 1 Year
04 B.Ed 1.5 Years
05 B.Ed 4 Years
06 ADE 2 Years