Computational Physics

Dr. Nasir Rahman

(Assistant Professor)
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We are exploring binary and ternary compounds using density Functional theory

The world is made of materials; our quest is to explore it. The exploration of dimensionality aspects of phase transitions as well as all advanced production of devices requires good knowledge of materials. That knowledge is our mission. Theoretical physics and experimental physics are challenging fields that require a lot of background. For this we do Theoretical & Experimental research in these topics; Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical & Experimental)


Sr# Name Email Session Program
1 Gohar Ayub 2021 PhD
2 Izzat Khan 2021 PhD
3 Wasiullah 2021 M.Phil
4 Rafia Nasir 2021 M.Phil
5 Irfan Ullah 2021 M.Phil
6 Husain 2021 PhD
7 Mudasser Sana 2021 M.Phil
8 Muhammad Tanveer khan 2021 M.Phil
9 Hamayun Nusarullah 2021 M.Phil