Study of Fluoroperovskite Compounds (Computational Physics)

dr sohail

(Assistant Professor)
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We're utilizing Density Functional theory to investigate binary and ternary compound and to study their different physical properties.

Modern materials science builds on knowledge from physics, chemistry, computer and data science to enable us to understand, control and expand the material world. Although it is anchored in inquiry-based fundamental science, materials research is strongly focused on discovering and producing reliable and economically viable materials, from super alloys to polymer composites, that are used in a vast array of products essential to today’s societies and economies. A remarkable number of paradigm-changing advances have been made in materials research over the past decade, and the pace of discovery is accelerating. Theoretical physics and experimental physics are challenging fields that require a lot of background. For these reasons: I do Theoretical and study the electrical, Thermoelectric, Electronic structure, Elastic and optical properties of these new compound. Due to their wide range of applications of perovskites , we are investigating these compounds computationally. These compounds are technologically significant due to their large energy gap. Perovskites compounds are utilized in optical lithography steppers, vacuum-ultraviolet materials for lenses, Perovskite lasers, Perovskite x-ray detector, Light-emitting perovskite nanoantennas and Perovskite solar cells