Director: Dr. Azra Fanoos

Women’s Development Center (WDC) ULM

Following on the University of Lakki Marwat commitment and the Vice chancellor’s vision to encourage and facilitate women and make this institution the safest place for them, ULM is a pioneer in establishing a Women’s Support Center. It is a multipurpose center for the facilitation and support of female students, faculty, and staff. The resources provided by the center includes, but not limited to

Connect: A source to connect and socialize all the female students, faculty, and staff.

Common Forum: Providing a common forum for all females at ULM to record, discuss, and voice their problems.

Scholarships/Financial Aid: The center will be a resource of information about financial support systems such as scholarships and aids available at ULM or advertised anywhere else. The WSC will connect females to female exclusive resources at local and national level.

Calendar: The center will act as the nucleus of information on all events, meetings, discussion groups, seminars, lectures, or any other evens scheduled in the university or at any other academic institution that may be of interest to females.

Academic Support: Female students’ problems with academics? the center will extend its support through arranging interventions, extra classes, or one on one teaching depending on the need.

Networking: The center will connect females with different organizations, groups, or companies promoting the cause of solidarity, relationship, and involvement to encourage women.

Publications: The center will publish its own magazine as well as urge females to partake in other media focusing on promoting and empowering women

Work: Looking for opportunities to get involved on or off campus? The center will help in facilitating females in finding work or internships to earn extra money or gain experience. Extra- Curriculars/ Clubs: Social groups are the heart of a flourishing campus life. They encourage students to be socially active, be aware of various issues or causes, and to connect with others for unity. The women’s center will encourage organization of many unique groups and clubs that tender to each person’s distinct personality, interests, and needs. Leadership Development: The center’s overarching aim is to develop leadership capabilities of women through opportunity, responsibility, awareness, action, and team work to achieve common goals etc.

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