Alumni System


Welcome to the University of Lakki Marwat Alumni Association System.

Alumni Association System

Alumni Association System

As a former student we are sure that your time in the ULM was among the most rewarding and enjoyable of your life!.

We are keen to stay in touch with you wherever you are in the world. Help us do that by getting in touch with us, join our Alumni Association System established among our former students.

If you are a former student and you are not already registered please click on Login/Sinup. Tell us where you are, what you doing, and share your plans for the future with us. Don’t forget to tell your friends and ask them to join the Alumni Association System. If you have registered we encourage you to keep us informed of your progress in “life after ULM”

The Alumni Association System serves the alumni, carrying out a variety of activities. It providing opportunities for cooperation and communication.